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THE Reactions

“I love it; it is awesome. It has a sweet start but finishes with a rye-like spice note … incredibly smooth throughout.”

— Cameron Gundvaldson, Head Bartender at the Fire Oak Grill

“After my first sip, my eyes popped with surprise. Wood, nutty, slightly buttery and earthy. Very surprised by no burn at 90 proof. Well done for a new distillery.”

— Tim Peterson, Whiskey Connoisseur

“The front is smooth and inviting. And it’s got a bold middle flavor that I love but can’t really describe. The finish is warm honey-almond with a smokey tinge on the very back end. It’s damn good.”

— Kory Pounds, Professional Cowboy, Cutting Horse Champion, Whiskey Advocate

“Ghostwood is a whiskey I could drink all day and enjoy.”

— Grant Lambdin, Owner/Chef, Fire Oak Grill

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The Bourbon

90 Proof Blended Bourbon Whiskey Limited Reserve
Premium 4 Grain  |  Never Aged Less Than 4 Years

Ghostwood Blended Bourbon is a whiskey that perfectly pairs with the stories you’ll share by the light of a campfire on a dark autumn night. This blended whiskey is a classic bourbon with added depth in spice, a mild sweetness and is barrel-matured to absolute perfection.

The result is a signature bourbon whiskey without compare, which flows warmly across the tongue, hints at pepper and finishes with a rich spice cake note.

Color: Dark Amber
Aroma: Oak with hints of toffee and spice
Mouth: Wood, nutty, slightly buttery and earthy
Flavor: Oak, almond, toffee and spice
Finish: Warm, dry and uniquely smooth